Terms and Conditions of Starvillas-carhire

(terms and conditions)


Our number one priority is your safety. We follow COVID-19 guidance and stay informed about the latest news provided by Greek authorities and WHO (World Health Organization) to help ensure for our guests comfortable and restful holidays. We are flexible to any changes in reservations caused by COVID-19. For any questions regarding your booking, dates changes, cancellation policy etc you can contact us by email info@rentacar-kefalonia.com

Age of Driver: The minimum age of the driver is 23 years old for categories economy and 25 years old for all other categories.The renter must not be over 75 yo.
Driver's License: The driver(s) must have a driver's license for at least 1 year, that has been issued in a country which is a member of The European Union. All Non-European Union driver's license holders must have an international driver's license.
Gasoline: Unleaded or diesel gasoline is used for all rented vehicles which is paid by the driver. The type of the gasoline is always noted at the agreement upon check-in.The vehicle must be returned with the same amount of gasoline as when it was rented.
Additional Drivers: Starvillas-car hire allows for each rented vehicle two extra driver who must fulfill the age and driver's license requirements as stated above..
Available Car-Rental Insurance:

  • * Death, partial or total disability of third parties and of the passengers of the car up to 500,000 euro.
  • * Material Damage of third parties up to 100,000 euro.
  • * Theft and fire damage
  • * Joint Security with disclaimer (CDW)
  • * Driver and passenger safety
  • * Extra Driver
  • * Unlimited kilometers
  • * All local taxes
  • * Super Collision Damager Waiver (SCDW)

Not covered by any Car-Rental Insurance:

  • * Loss or breakage of the key
  • * Bad car usage and violation of the provisions of Road Traffic Safety
  • * Damage to the underside of the car and tires
  • * Driving on rough roads unless the rented vehicle is 4x4
  • * Driving of the vehicle by person(s) not authorized or written on the contract
  • * Driving under the influence of alcohol and / or other substances which may affect the ability of the driver(s)
  • * Use of non unleaded gasoline
  • * Driver(s) do/does not return the vehicle on the date and time as stated upon by the signed contract<

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW): The driver(s) of the rented vehicle is responsible for damages and charged according to the category of the rented vehicle for economic car rentals - up to 500 euros , for compact category cars - up to 550 euros, for intermediate category rentals and automatic cars -up to 600 euro, and for jeep or minivan rentals up to - 800 euro.

Super Collision Damage Waiver (CDW): the driver(s) of the rented vehicles may option to waive their responsibility with an extra daily charge according to the category of the rented vehicle up to the amount of 150 euro: for economic car rentals - 16 euros a day, for compact and middle category rentals - 18 euros a day, for jeep and minivans - 20 euro a day. The above stated prices do not include taxes.

Transport of rental car by Ferry: It is strictly forbidden to transport the rental car by boat outside of Kefalonia without prior written permission from Starvillas-carhire.

Taxes and VAT 24%: Included in rental price.

Rental Car Brands and Models: All reservations/booking are made by car category and not by type and model. Starvillas-carhire has the right to change the type and model of the vehicle with a vehicle of similar or higher category according to the category of the vehicle reserved without prior notice and extra charge for cars of a bigger category

Traffic Violations - Fines: All fines from illegal parking and violations of the traffic code that may occur during the rental period are the renters' responsibility and will be charged to their credit card.

Booking confirmation: Reservations can not be confirmed if all the required details are not provided . The renter is responsible to contact Starvillas Car Hire to provide all required details in order to complete his reservation (flight number, pick up and drop off location etc) not later than 48 hours after he made the booking otherwise status of his reservation might be changed to “cancelled” .

Cancelled reservations: Reservations must be cancelled at least 7 days prior to the pick up or delivery date. Money will be returned within 14 working days minus VAT 24% and the transportation cost.

Credit cards: It is required that the renter is a credit card holder (VISA , MASTERCARD)

Availability: It is recommended that reservations must be made at least 1 week prior to the rental date or else there is a possibility that the reservation might not be accepted. In case if there is no available cars for requested period the customer will be informed about cancellation or partner car hire company can be recommended.
The company has the right to make changes to the rental conditions at any time.