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Hyundai i20 o simile
Medio: Hyundai i20 o simile
i20 is aesthetically designed with premium interiors, highly advanced features and spunky looks that make it truly appealing. For a smart car hire deal in Kefalonia island.
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Chevrolet Aveo o simile
Medio: Chevrolet Aveo o simile
The Aveo just doesn't look good, it also offers advanced safety features, innovative technology and a fun to drive 1.4 L engine. For safe car rental in Kefalonia island.
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Hyundai Accent o simile
Medio: Hyundai Accent o simile
Engine 1.4 cc, 4 doors, sedan, 5-speed manual transmission, 5 seats, fuel tank capacity 45 L, cargo capacity 450 L, AM/FM stereo radio, CD/MP3 player. For a smart and reliable car hire in Kefalonia.
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Hyundai i30 o simile
Medio: Hyundai i30 o simile
Passion, spirit of challenge, purity of emotions... You are at the most brilliant stage of your life. Live it up with i30. For a smart and reliable car hire deal in Kefalonia island.
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Nissan Pulsar or similar
Medio: Nissan Pulsar or similar
Sophisticated and self-assured with a bold, athletic design and unprecedented range of advanced technologies, the PULSAR energises your drive. Make your choice for car hire in Kefalonia island
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Chevrolet Cruze o simile
Medio: Chevrolet Cruze o simile
Engine 1.6 cc, 4/5 doors, hatchback/sedan, 6-speed manual transmission, fuel tank capacity 51 L, 5 seats, cargo capacity 420 L, AM/FM radio, CD/MP3. Make a choice for your car rental in Kefalonia island.
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