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Nissan Micra or similar
Economico: Nissan Micra or similar
Hit the streets with tech and style, personalised to taste. The Nissan Micra is perfect not only for the city but also for driving over the mountains. Make a choice for your car hire in Kefalonia island
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Hyundai i10 o simile
Economico: Hyundai i10 o simile
The striking modern design of the i10, advanced driver assitance technologies work together to keep the i10 on track and out of trouble. For a budget and smart car hire deal in Kefalonia island
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Chevrolet Spark o simile
Economico: Chevrolet Spark o simile
Connected? Obviously. Stylish? Always. The Spark is here to help you stay safe, plugged in and turning heads on your next adventure. For a budget and smart car rental deal in Kefalonia island.
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